Established in 1965, Cantor Jewelry continues to provide high-quality retail services to generations of families. We specialize in dealing with precious stones and metals, and pride our business on the loyalty of our clients.  

On The Bowery.

Life on the Bowery is grand. With a history as rich as the island of Manhattan itself, the Bowery is like no other place in the world. Today, the New York Jewelers Exchange (NYJE) remains where it always has, at the foot of the iconic Manhattan Bridge and within a crossroads of cultures that flows along the Bowery like a tributary to the Big Apple itself.

The 1.5 mile long Bowery Street stretches its 400 year-old history north/south across some of the most dynamic parts of downtown Manhattan.  Once a dirt path etched by the bare feet and moccasins of Native Americans, the Bowery is the oldest thoroughfare in Manhattan and a must-visit for any non New Yorker.

Inspired by the timeless vibrancy of such a place, and having been On The Bowery since 1965, Cantor Jewelry has proudly launched our unique line – On The Bowery – which features selected jewelry designs from all around the world that are handcrafted right here within the heart of the Bowery.